North  music video for Fellow Fellow.

Choreographed by Jordan Saenz

Danced by Harriet Bailey, Finn Murphy, Charissa Kroeger, Princess Mecca Romero, Jobel Medina, and Jordan Saenz

Filmed by Flexsus Studios



Laps premiered in March 2016, at Highways Performance Space in Santa Monica, CA.

Danced by Ariana Daub and Jordan Saenz

Music by the Doc Watson Family, Dawn of Midi, and Isaiah Gage

Choreo and lighting design by Jordan Saenz



THE TRAVELER  is a dance/theater production co-written by Jordan Saenz and multi-instrumentalist Cooper Wolken.  Featuring one actor and nine dancers, accompanied by the circus-pop sounds of Wolken's band Fellow Fellow,  THE TRAVELER is journey through the mind of a self-proclaimed traveling man.  

Premiered in April 2015 at Art Share LA. 

Starring: Jacob B Gibson 

Dancers by
Alyssa Alden, Harriet Bailey, Christopher Bordenave, Christopher Carvalho, Sarah Cook, Sabrina Johnson, Kalin Morrow, Shane Raiford,  and Jordan Saenz

Script and compositions by Cooper Wolken with the band FELLOW FELLOW
 Featuring Julian Beutel, Marcus Buser, Michael Gilleran, Nick Hon, Andrew Rowan, Steven Kai Van Betten



Breakable Valuables premiered at CalArts Commuter Festival in September of 2014. 

Danced by Alyssa Alden, Harriet Bailey, Libby Wolf and Stephanie Zaletel.

Music by Billie Holiday, The Boston Typewriter Orchestra, Thelonious Monk, The Zombies, and Sparklehorse.



Things That Stuck is an evening length  collaboration between seven dancers and four musicians that explores how we re-record, compartmentalize, and forget memories.  It premiered the summer of 2013 in Blue Diamond, NV and was performed again at ARC Pasadena. 

Danced by Lindsey Lollie, Jamie Pea, Princess Romero, Jordan Saenz, Kerrie Schroeder, Tiffany Stacey, and Stephanie Zaletel

Original music composed by Evan White

Live improvisation by Mike Lockwood, John Schwerbel, Steven van Betten and Evan White.



Kefaya was inspired by the Arab Spring and was shown at REDCAT Fall Studio in October 2012.

Dancers: Alyssa Alden, Shelby Alden, Caitlin Adams, Lindsey Lollie, Michelle Sagarminaga, Alexis Saenz, Gregory Dorado, Laura Berg, Jordon Waters, Shane Raiford, Adam Wile, Tiara Jackson, Erin McCarthy, and Wesley Ensminger

Music by Plaid