szalt is an emerging collection of Los Angeles movers, musicians, and visual artists artistically led by dancer and choreographer, Stephanie Zaletel. Louis Lopez (music and sound), Andrew Munie (lights), Nick Percell (lights, photography, and set design), Nebras Hoveizavi (photography), and Samantha Shay (video) are frequent collaborators in this process, to name a few. Within the last two and a half years, Stephanie has produced and set over 7 new works across the city for szalt including "flowersallawomansbody" an evening length that debuted at ARC Pasadena in late 2012, and “tuesday.” an instillation-style piece for the Hammer Museum's Made in LA series in collaboration with James Kidd and the Pieter Performance Space Council. In 2015, szalt will begin hosting open company classes for the dance community featuring teachers within szalt, as well as professional movers in other local companies, with the intention to unify the Los Angeles dancer community; to learn and grow from the resources among us.

Jordan is a founding member of szalt as both a dancer and the company's rehearsal director.

No)one. Art House is an organization geared toward producing and curating approachable and stimulating art. We seek to remove the barriers of codified aesthetics in specific art disciplines to inform and allow viewers to eclipse preconceived expectations of what art can be. No)one. Art House consists of genre bending painters, photographers, fashion designers, choreographers and musicians, among others. Patrons attending our productions will be introduced to a palette of multi-disciplinary creations designed to entertain and challenge our audience while remaining accessible.

Lindsey Lollie is a free lance choreographer working in Los Angeles. She uses movement, imagery and sound to encompass the space she is using. Personal experiences and sensations are what drive her work. She also loves architecture, science and the concept of time. She explores these themes when creating movement for groups and solos. 

Barak Marshall

"Rooster" was commissioned by the Suzanne Dellal Centre and Israel Opera and was premiered November 2009 at the Opera House in Tel Aviv. Based on I.L. Peretz’s “Bontscha the Silent” Rooster is a dance-theater piece for 12 dancers, an opera singer and the performer Margalit Oved. This performance was by the students of CalArts.