Photo by Sarah Prinz

Photo by Sarah Prinz

Jordan’s approach to teaching stems from a love for improvisation and musicality.  She believes that by using the imagination, the body is able to access more range, strength and flexibility.  Students are guided through a movement meditation, improvising on imagery, textures, music, and more.

She gives a weekly Barre and Center class to the women of Szalt Dance Co.  This class is a hybrid of ballet and improvisation, in which dancers are asked to visit accuracy and form, while maintaining a level of imaginative play within the exercises.

Jordan also has experience teaching youth of all ages, be it ballet & tap combo classes, hip hop, creative movement, and more.  She continues to teach for the Israeli Dance Co. of Milken Community School, and has served as a guest artist for Loyola Marymount University, Santa Monica College, Kinesis Dance  (Boulder, CO), Artistic Fusion Dance Academy (Broomfield, CO), and Encore Dance Studio (Aurora, CO).


Loyola Marymount University

Driftwork was commissioned by Loyola Marymount University in 2013. Using original music (performed live) by Evan White, this piece was a representation of nomadic life.  Through grooves, floor-work, and gesture, the piece explores the clash between a lifestyle and a system that inhibits that lifestyle. 

Synapse Dance Theater at Santa Monica College

Helplessness Waking is an abstraction of the process of sleep paralysis. This Parasomnia is described as the body being unable to move between the REM cycle and awakening. It is an asphyxiating atmosphere — a terrifying state in which to be trapped.

Music by Jordan Saenz (composer), Cooper Wolken, Steven Van Betten, Cari Stevens, Linnea Sablosky


Encore Dance | Aurora, CO

Desperate Sense was commissioned by Encore Dance in October 2016 for a youth performance team, ages 14-17.

With music by Isaiah Gage


Artistic Fusion Dance Academy | Broomfield, CO

Thirty Incoming was commissioned in the winter of 2014, for a youth performance team ages 14-18.

With music by The Books